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lprs 41 e 42 - Cristio - Adult Taste / Santabinder - Crazy crazy jingles for you

Oh my god, we love Lepers Produtcions! 
Free music even for this 2010 at

Joy and jubilation! Lepers Produtcions is back
with two albums that would be difficult to call masterpieces.
It would be an out of fashion adjective, indeed,
for these milestones of music.
(this is the year of modesty) 

lprs041  - Cristio - Adult Taste

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A concept album about the beginning and the ending of summertime in ancient Rome, with a couple of rainy days, but not enough to give up a nice ride on a chariot. The time for buying cumanae and clay tablets for the new academic year comes at last, and sadness prevails.
An album worth playing on the beach or secretly between school desks.
Recommended to surfers.
p.s. Download this album and taste the thrill of buying it from HERE. You will not even have to scratch the cellophane! Members of x-Mary and Peawees, two bands whose success was obscured by Cristio's greatness, also play in this album


lprs042  - Santabinder - Crazy Crazy Jingles For You
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Old monsters, apocalyptic landscapes, bathes in multicoloured drinks, gypsy guitarists, menlancholic ballads, the silent presence of Fonzie's spirit, are the elements that make this album sound like the homemade grappa of zia Marieta, that kind of spirit that burns you down in a second and leaves you drunk for the rest of the day.
Fast, intense, to be played alone or with friends, this mixture of the folkest Barret and the happiest Chipmunks can please anyone. No one will ever say "stop that Cd!" nor will they have the time to say it. Four years of work ain't a joke and whilst packs of armed girls strive to download this masterpiece, Santabinder smokes his pipe and smile, sitting on his rocking chair, ready to help out the first needy passer-by.  (

(news and previews)

It’s been a continual coming and going at the Lepers HQ since we’ve decided not to leave Earth this year. We’ve painted the lazaretto again, and we’ve invited friends and made gigs in which we mangled Neil Young’s songs while eating rice and corn biscuits till exhausted. Sadness ain’t hard to hide, it’s just a matter of smiling and keeping things inside yourself, but the joy of our two newborns is so big that we find it hard to choke back our tears in trying to avoid our eyesockets to slip as usual.

So, what’s new after almost a year of silence?

  •  We’ve restyled the website! Not that our skills in design have increased, but now even people that have never seen a pc will be able to download our stuff… people like the historic personaes of the French Evolution: Robert Spier, Louis Ex Vi One and the King’s bride who was called Mara Thone. Moreover, we finally have a brand new up-to-the-minute news page that’s envyed by everybody.

  • This year, Cristio played gigs in Italy and Germany, Luke Lukas in Texas, Superfreak in the Czech Republic, Frogwomen & Superfreak in Italy, etc. but it is now too late, indeed, to inform you about those gigs, you won’t be able to attend’em. So send us emails and maybe they’ll play at your house.

  • Luke Lukas, has decided he’s had enough of his fear of flyng. It has blockaded him in the American continent for quite enough time, and so he has enrolled in a course to triumph over his fear. To be safe, he enrolled in a swimming class too in the event he’ll have to swim across the Atlantic in case he fails the fear class.

  • Superfreak has recorded an album with But God Ceated Woman in the dark studio owned by Fabio Magistrali, what we’ve got is a 10'' called Supergod produced by Musica per Organi Caldi and Monoton Studio. The album is wonderful and you could buy it without fearing vinyl’s damages on your skin. (

  • alexander de large’s long awaited piano album’s recordings have come to an end, it is now in Ferdinando Farro’s hands (of non(h)ostudio fame) who’s finishing the mixing, it’ s a matter of minutes, we’ll have to wait just a little bit.

  • Our protégé Maybe I'm… has just issued an album with Jestrai , he’s grown and if, on a side, he has reached a writing and arranging craftmanship, on the other side, his shirt sleeves fit very short on him. Two lepers are featured guests on the album: alexander de large and Superfreak, two pezzonovantas always willing to ruin other band’s albums. (

  •  A tweak of Bread Pitt + a bit of Libellule Incandescenti have founded Quartetto Capodoglio, cetaceans thirsty for milk and ultrasounds that will soon play everywhere without anybody being capable of hearing them.

  • Superfreak plays guitar on a track off Hysm? duo’s “How to Hypnotize your friends", Jacopo thinks the song is awesome.

  •  Both editions of the SABBIANELLEMUTANDEFEST, thee highest moments of this last apulian summer, in which bands like Frogwomen & Superfreak, I-Tschum, Chain Reaction, Anuseye, Bogong in Action, Hysm?, Quartetto Capodoglio, Rape 50 cent, Ecole Du Ciel, Nafta Nafta, have been featured, will soon be trasposed to a Bollywood movie adaptation. Warner is in negotiation.

  •  Gigi continues his secret mission between Finland, the Czech Republic and German borders.

That’s all, folks! We’ve been as tedious as usual,

but our tongues are the last muscles still working

(just imagine the effort in writing this mail).

If you have morbid curiosities, write us in private, you’ll be answered by the worst of us.


each and every album is downloadable for free at
Lepers is back and it will stay here for a while, but that’s not all
To live forever, download the albums and keep’em in a safe-deposit box,
in ten years, their value won’t be changed, but you could persuade yorselves you’ve made a bargain.

Happy lepers won’t ever die…

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