mercoledì 6 febbraio 2013

lprs 54-55-56: Bread Pitt, Quartetto Capodoglio, Solquest

Here we are with a fistful of new releases. This time we preferred drone and psychedilc stuff, so there are just few songs for you fast listeners. Slip into your favourite slippers, have a hot drink and download these wonders at

For all the social network fans soon our complete catalogue will be on too. For further news, we promise to update this blog or our facebook page regularly.

But let's talk about our core business

lprs 054 - Bread Pitt - Tapes & Files

"Bread Pitt is in a coma and he refuses any kind of cure". This was the last message we received 4 years ago from the murgian band. Thanks to a L-dopa forced therapy our guys awakened for a while, so, without any scruples, strong on their pharmaceuthical dizziness, we raided their archives. The mechanical psychedelia by Altamuran men is now avaiable on tapes released by Hysm?, whose sales will guarantee us a more than quiet old age.

lprs 055 - Quartetto Capodoglio - The Shape of sperm to come

Quartetto Capodoglio (Sperm Whale Quartet) is a research project oriented on electro-acoustic communication with abysses. Collaborations with the most important bio-acoustic research institutes can guarantee the high quality of their anthropogenic noise created for the eco-localization of the most evil animal.
So close behind some promontory lie The huge Leviathan to attend their prey, And give no chance, but swallow in the fry, Which through their gaping jaws mistake the way.
-Dryden's Annus Mirabilis

lprs 056 - Solquest - In spite of black clouds over me, I've still got a rainbow in my hands 

Solquest is back after 5 years of collaborations and music business projects that left him completelly broke. We embrace with joy his excruciating drone music with a finale that is full of hope. Solquest has changed so much since he used to play "No Hope" in the saddest dance halls. Today, he is a disrespectful adult man able to pull Fabio Orsi's beard.