lunedì 29 marzo 2010

Frogwomen & Superfreak - Allegretto: Chain D.L.K.

“Allegretto” is a record spawned by the deranged minds of Frogwomen & Superfreak ( togheter they recorded also “Fallen In Love” in 2004 ), members of the Lepers Prod., a collective hailing from Bari – Italy. This record has a vivid basement naiveté and garage/punk sound esthetics blended with an excellent confidence with instruments playing and singing. The main influences here are the 90s and bands like Six Fingers Satellite or Steve Albini's Rapeman.
“Driving Licence” is a pretty damn effective track and reminded me of Stretchheads's “Everything's Going to Brake in a Minute”. “Sunshine” has a pounding guitar bass and it's a downward disturbing rock'n'roll in the vein of Feedtime or Fear ( and now someone should be drooling all over the keyboard while reading this ). The last one is called “Safety” and it is different from the others, laid back and weirdly melanchonic it might fit among the latest, post-shitgaze albums on Sacred Bones.
The Lepers Prod. is for sure one of the most intresting realities out of the Italian underground, way ahead from the stagnant indie scene and the pretentious avantgarde-rock trend. Be sure to check them out. “Allegretto” is available on cdr for HYSM and for free on their own website