giovedì 8 novembre 2012

Gli Putridissimi/Luther Blissett reviews

Gli Putridissimi is a band where some friends of ours play drone and black noise, our Superfreak is one of the founder member. Charity Press, fromScratch, Hysm?, A Shame, Eclectic Polpo took part in releasing a split cassette with songs by Gli Putridissimi and Luther Blissett.

If you're poor or you don't want to buy the cassette, you can listen to it here for free.
If you don't trust not-lepers releases (and we can understand you) here a list of links to some reviews.

Ondalternativa (italian)
The Chainsaw Massacre (italian)
Fritto/Misto (italian)
Brushvox (english) - Best releases of 2012
The Holy Filament (spanish)
SentireAscoltare (italian)
Distorsioni (italian)
Impatto Sonoro (italian)
Rockit (italian)
Sodapop (italian)
Kathodik (italian)